Martha on the Issues

Medical Freedom and Bodily Autonomy

I will work to end all mandates requiring people to take inoculations and wear masks, which science shows are useless to protect them and which have many proven harms, and to make sure that New Yorkers and their children will never again be forced or coerced into any medical decision. My first priority will be to ensure that New Yorkers are never denied their rights to health freedom, including

Constitutional Government

I will work to end the government by decree via unconstitutional and unlawful mandates to which New Yorkers have been subjected over the past two and a half years. New York is not a monarchy; the legislature must rein in the executive branch and unaccountable state agencies, which have been riding roughshod over the law and constitutional rights of New York citizens. I will work to implement reforms such as

Schools and Education

Our children and young people have the right to a good education in a safe and nurturing environment, where they are given a strong foundation in the basics, are challenged intellectually and encouraged to develop critical thinking, independence and creativity. Our schools are not meant to be indoctrination centers for the latest social theories, nor are they meant to replace parents and the community in inculcating values and morality. Still less should they be places where fear and alienation are instilled by unscientific and harmful practices such as masks, distancing, testing and bullying pressure on those who have chosen to avoid the injections. I will work to

Health and the Environment

Public health is not supported through mandated injections and other pharmaceutical interventions, nor through unscientific and draconian measures such as distancing, mask wearing and mass quarantining of healthy people. True health of communities comes about as a result of environmental measures guaranteeing clean water and air, good public sanitation, space for healthy exercise, contact with nature, education about and access to good nutrition, and supplements when necessary. It also means that we must guarantee that New Yorkers have access to a full range of healthcare options and that they can afford them. I will work to